Insurance Investigations

We provide the following investigation services to insurers:


  • General Insurance (fraud, policy, theft, collision, fire, arson and damage / malicious damage), including but not limited to:

    • Motor

    • Domestic and Commercial Property

    • Mining / Engineering

    • Construction / Heavy Plant and Equipment

    • Marine

  • Travel Insurance Investigations

  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP) personal injury / accident investigations

  • Workers Compensation and Work Injury Damages (inclusive of psychological / stress injury claim investigations)

  • General Liability

  • Common Law Investigations

  • Public Liability

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Income Protection, Life and TPD insurance investigations

  • Recovery – Insurance

  • Asbestos and related airways diseases

When processing a claim, insurers may be missing vital information for them to make an informed decision on the claim. Alternatively, they may want large or unusual claims assessed to consider potential fraud, ascertain the presence of claim exaggeration, misrepresentation, non-disclosure or to assess liability and/or recovery.


At CSI we are aware that obtaining accurate and independent information, as quickly as possible, is critical when making decisions as to the validity of claims. 


Each instruction received at CSI is allocated and overseen by an experienced team leader that understands the specific requirements of the investigation for which the instruction has been referred. 


Partnership with the insurance Client is a key component of our operating philosophy. This allows us to build our services to individually suit the Client and allow effective skills transfer and communication from our investigation team to yours.

‘CSI WA provide Chubb with a professional, timely and cost effective investigation service and have done so for a number of years. Once a claim is referred for investigation I am confident we will get the facts to make a claims determination.


Personally it is always a pleasure dealing with Emily and her team whose business model is fully aligned to Chubb’s market reputation of providing a premium claims service to its customers’.


Kevin Walsh

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

Manager, Chubb Insurance Australia

'I have been in a position to recommend CSI on several occasions to my clients that require a Factual Investigation to accompany my Forensic Investigation.


Emily and her team have always gone above and beyond what was required when conducting a factual investigation.


I have always found CSI to be professional and honest in their dealings with clients and witnesses. CSI are willing to tell the good and the bad without fear or favour, in my view, a rare commodity these days.'

Jim Manser

Forensic Fire Specialist

Manser Fire & Marine